A leadership and personal development program for any Network Marketer who wants to grow and expand their team and become a confident soul inspired leader.  You will learn how to effectively lead a team, expand your reach, become more visible, purposeful, and to master the skill set and mindset of true leadership.

DO you want to ….

  • Grow your business with more flow, trust, and grace?
  • Ditch the fear, worry, and self-sabotage and become an unreasonable, unstoppable, and unshakable leader?
  • Reclaim your aliveness, rekindle your passion, and hot-wire your creativity?
  • Find your authentic voice so that you can stand out, magnetize others, and powerfully brand yourself?
  • Lead a done-for-you program that creates massive momentum on your team?


– Effectively lead, influence, and empower your team.

– Lead with your unique gifts and draw in amazing people.

– Feel confident being visible.

– Master the skills and mindset of a true soul inspired leader.

So what exactly is Lead On Purpose?

The Lead On Purpose Program is a guided personal development program for Network Marketers that shows you step-by-step how to become an inspiring leader in a way that’s unmistakably “you” so that you become irresistible to your tribe.

What makes Lead On Purpose the best Leadership Program out there for Network Marketers?

Many leadership programs talk about leadership as a skill, or destination, but we think it’s more than that. True inspired leadership is a way of “being” and it’s built on the idea that success is 80% mindset and only 20% skill set. We focus on getting to the root cause of what’s in the way of you stepping into your leadership role in an even bigger way.

A few more reasons this program works:

 It’s experiential (not just informational). We don’t bombard you with information, then leave you to your   own devices implement the concepts. We incorporate bi-weekly “coaching lounges” so that you can practice the   skills and  concepts that you are learning, receive personal feedback and direction from others, and have a safe   place to explore thoughts and feelings you are having.

 You get Certified, say what? It’s not enough to just become a leader yourself. We want you to teach others     how to rise up as well. We give you the opportunity to become certified to lead your own 8-Week Unshakable™   Program with your team. The entire program is written for you and comes with team call scripts, handouts, and an   outline for how to launch & lead the 8-Week program or a one day team workshop. (If you are a coach and a   network marketer, you’ll also get a 8-Week Program that you can use with clients (you can charge for if you want!)

 It will change you. We are masters at helping you dig below the surface to discover why you are the way that   you are. When you understand how to shift the root of your thoughts you become different and this is the single   biggest reason why this program (is different from others out there). We teach you how to go beyond your   limitations and how to uncover your own unique leadership gifts. It will shift your inner world so that your outer   world changes.


After we graduated over 3000+ people from our foundational program Deep Dive: The Art of Motivating your Team {and yourself} to Massive Action, we realized that once participants move beyond many of their limiting beliefs and began to appreciate them for all the gifts they have given them, they gained a deeper belief in their abilities as a leader, but still wanted more guidance to step into true leadership.

We did not see any programs out there for Network Marketers that walk them through understanding and application of true soulful leadership.

We heard from so many graduates of Deep Dive that they wanted to understand how to discover who their own leadership gifts, feel more comfortable being seen, create momentum on their teams, attract awesome leaders, feel confident leading them, and feel free to be who they are so that they can build a purposeful successful business.

And we wanted to address the BIGGEST struggles we see in Network Marketing, constant busy work, fear of rejection, and enabling. This program was created to help you listen your your instincts instead of thinking that you have to DO everything to get ahead. Too often shame, guilt, and, inadequacy get in the way. We want to help you find what makes you excited and DO more of that. Let go of whatever you think you SHOULD do…

Coach Blue

Coach Bobbie

Coach Melissa

Coach Rasul

How Lead On Purpose Works

Watch Your Weekly Video Modules in Your PJ’s – Each week you’ll log into your membership site to watch your modules. The modules provide a powerful experience as if we were together sitting in a room together, but you can do them in the middle of the night in your PJ’s if needed. They are about 30 minutes each so that you can listen in bite size chunks over the 4 months. Think about it as your weekly dose of personal growth and development. It will give you just the right amount to support while you are working towards your goals.

Fill out your Handouts and Simple Assignments Each Week – This will take approx 30 min to 1 hour and is super important to the discovery process we have created for you.

Complete Your “Coaching Lounge” Each Week – On Wednesdays each week we have an option for you to jump onto a 1 hour moderated call where we will pair you with a random person in the program. You will follow the Coaching Lounge Outline Script and practice mentoring and exploring together. This is one of the most powerful parts of the program to truly transform the way you see yourself. (We can’t wait until you experience it!)

Become Certified as a Lead On Purpose Leader -Once you have completed all of the video modules, weekly handouts, coaching lounges, and send in your accountability stats you will gain access and can begin to lead your team in 8-Week Unshakable™ Program. Once you’ve lead your team through this you program and sent in your proof emails you will become a Certified Lead On Purpose Leader™, which means you can lead this program for your team on your own (or create a group program to attract in new customers).  


When you’re running a business, every penny counts! Test drive the first two Modules of Lead On Purpose by 12 EST on June 13th if you don’t feel we’ve delivered value —just email our support team, show us your completed coursework and we’ll issue you a full refund. The reason we ask for your completed coursework is simple. We only want to work with people who are fully committed to taking action. We devote tremendous time, energy, and care to our programs, so it’s vital that you are as dedicated to this experience as we are to you.

 If you don’t plan to start the program right away, we’d still love to have you, but be sure this is the right investment for you because refund eligibility does have a firm deadline. This framework ensures that only active, committed people are in Lead on Purpose, which helps us avoid wasting your time and ours. Payment — 100% risk free payment options. Secure checkout. You can trust us!


What are coaching lounges?
Good question! Coaching lounges are a place for you to deepen your personal journey as well as practice your coaching skills. You’ll call into our conference line and after the coach gives instructions, you’ll be partnered up another person in the program to practice the skills that will be taught in the program. For those of you who are worried about not knowing how to coach, we will have scripts for you to follow so that everyone knows exactly how and what to practice. These lounges will be led by our on purpose coaches. It is important to us that you are getting major shifts in your life and that requires practice.
What is the coaching lounge schedule?
Weekly coaching lounges are every other Wednesday at 9 AM Pacific standard time. If you are not able to make that call time you can request a partner at a time that does work for you by posting in the Facebook group. When you show up to a coaching lounge you can simply press the number on your keypad of what coaching lounge you’d like to do and you will be partnered with the perfect person. And it’s fun!
Is this a good program if I’m not a network marketer or don’t have a team yet.
If you are a coach wondering if you can gain access to this powerful leadership program, the answer is yes. We attract lots of coaches who are dabbling in network marketing, we do teach some principles that only apply to network marketers, but 90% of the curriculum could be for just about anyone. If you are a network marketer and don’t yet have a team, don’t worry this program will still be very powerful for you. We’ve had many people go through the program with no team and say that they are so grateful, because NOW (after doing the program) they are ready to attract leaders because they finally feel confident in themselves.
How much time will it take to complete the program each week?
You have 4 months to complete the program and are allowed you to go at your own pace. Some find themselves very active one week, while taking time to integrate in others. Some like to do two modules a week, homework, and a coaching lounge which adds up to about two hours a week on average.
What should I do if I get behind?
We understand that life happens, and for that reason we give you four months to complete the modules, small bite by small bite. If you get behind you’ll have time to catch up.
What if I have to miss a call?
All training calls are recorded and will be available on your members page. If you miss a coaching lounge you can call and arrange a partner outside of the proposed time by posting and requesting on the Facebook page.
Do you offer refunds if I don’t feel it’s a fit for me?
Test drive the first two Modules of Lead On Purpose by 12 EST on May 15th, if you don’t feel we’ve delivered value —just email our support team, show us your completed coursework and we’ll issue you a full refund.
When does the next Lead On Purpose start?
Lead On Purpose runs two times a year. Once in the fall October and once in the spring in May. Click here to get on the waiting list for the next program.